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Does the City require Certificates of Occupancy?

The City does not require Certificates of Occupancy for single family residential homes; a building final is sufficient.  The City does require Certificates of Occupancy for all commercial structures.  Applicants must submit the following:

-Permit Application

A Certificate of Occupancy inspection ensures that a structure is structurally sound and in compliance with life safety regulations. Common inspection items include, but are not limited to, the following:

-No double key locks, slide bolts, or other locking devices (other than a thumb turn lock or bolt) on exterior doors.
-Illuminated exit signage.
-Addressing and suite numbers (6” minimum) prominently posted on a contrasting background and visible from the street.
-24-hour access to the electric panel.
-No missing circuit breakers or knockouts in electric panels and/or junction boxes.
-No broken or damaged electrical fixtures or cover plates.
-All electrical fixtures and outlets must comply with the National Electric Code.
-Vacuum breakers on hose bibs.
-Plumbing fixtures in good working order.
-All unused plumbing must be capped.
-Gas appliances and heaters must be properly vented and installed.

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