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Pursuant to Chapter 13 of the Municipal Code of Ordinances, the City sells bulk water to construction companies and other entities requiring large volumes of water.  The water is sold as NON-POTABLE WATER ONLY.  Each entity purchasing bulk water from the City must sign a statement on the Bulk Water Purchase Application acknowledging that the water received is being sold as non-potable water only and that the water is not to be sold or otherwise distributed to any other individual or entity.

Fees and Payments
Full payment for bulk water must be tendered to the City through the utility clerk or designee prior to receipt of the water.  The City does not maintain accounts for the purchase of bulk water.

First trip up to 2,000 gallons:  $50.00.
Additional 1,000 gallon increments:  $10.00.

All bulk water loads must be completed on the date of the Bulk Water Purchase Application between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Entities purchasing bulk water must provide their own water tank or storage container.  Bulk water is pumped into a customer-provided container by City personnel using a City-owned hose.  The hose used by the City does NOT meet the requirements in 30 TAC 290.44(i) for drinking water.

It is a violation of the Municipal Code of Ordinances for any individual other than an authorized employee of the City to pump water from the City’s public water supply system at the bulk water distribution location.

Bulk water is NOT sold beyond Stage 2 water restrictions.

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