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The City of Johnson City weathered the recent winter storm with minimal infrastructure damage.  Through frigid temperatures and inclement weather, most City residents faced minor tree and vegetation damage and limited power interruptions.  The City’s Utility Department reported minimal, if any, damage to the City’s water and wastewater system.

Unfortunately, outlying areas encountered significant ice-related damage and power interruptions.  We continue to pray for a speedy recovery in those areas.

Due to tree and vegetation damage, the City will move up the previously scheduled brush and bulky items curbside collection to February 22, 2023 for “B” Week customers and March 1, 2023 for “A” Week customers.  Revised solid waste and recycling calendars are below:

Curbside collection is limited to 8 cubic yards of combined brush and bulky items.  Please see below for a visual representation of 8 cubic yards of material:

Brush is defined as undergrowth, small trees, and shrubs personally cut / trimmed by the property owner.  Brush also includes bagged leaves.  Limbs / branches should be 6 ft. or less in length, with the cut ends facing the street.

Bulky items are defined as large household items, including, but not limited to, stoves, refrigerators, water tanks, washing machines, discarded bathroom fixtures, furniture, mattresses / box springs, television sets, old paint cans with the lids removed and dried paint, and other household items that cannot be processed during regular collections.  Please note that any items containing refrigerant (i.e. refrigerators, AC compressors, etc.) must be labeled with a tag from a certified technician stating that the refrigerant was removed.

Bulky items do not include construction or remodeling debris in excess of 100 lbs. per item, plant materials, rocks, dirt, dead animals, hazardous, special or infectious wastes, tires, or car batteries.

For additional information, please contact City Hall at 830.868.7111.

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