City Hall is open for walk-in service. Masks must be worn at all times. 

Public Works


303 E. Pecan Dr.
Johnson City, Texas 78636

Building Johnson City One Day at a Time

The city of Johnson City is proud to service our local and rural areas. We are here for the community whenever we are needed. The City's Public Works Department manages and maintains minor and major road repair and reconstruction projects, the wastewater treatment facility, water lift stations and lines, parks, the recycling center, and fire hydrants.

Public Works also installs and maintains street/safety signs, and works with local businesses and the Texas Department of Transportation. We are here to improve our community, our town, and our home. The department will work for you in building our town as promptly and as friendly as possible. We are here growing everyday and love to see the newcomers to our community.

Public Works manages Capital Improvement Program projects through all phases of design, construction, and inspection. These projects may include those associated with Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), Texas Parks and Wildlife grants, or Texas Water Development Board loans. The department also works with Home Depot and Lowes through their volunteer programs or smaller projects to help defray the cost of remodels and repairs.

What does VERP mean?

You may have seen this acronym on your monthly water bill and wondered what the VERP charge meant. It stands for Vehicle Equipment Replacement Program. The fee, which is collected from both residential and commercial customers, is applied to the base rate of each water bill, so it will stay static. It will not increase or decrease with water usage. The money collected by this fee will go into a separate account and will only be used to purchase vehicles and equipment for the Public Works Department. In other words, it is a dedicated fund. The point of this account is to have money available to replace aging equipment without having to budget funds from the utility budget.

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