Tourism Figures

Johnson City is home to three of the largest tourism sectors in the State.
With an estimated 312,680+ visitors per year to nearby vineyards, National & State parks, there's no time to wait... bring your business to Johnson City. 

Wine Industry

According to, a leading online travel company, the Texas Hill Country is the second fastest growing wine destination in the United States, only behind Napa Valley California.

The Hill Country has emerged as the focal point and epicenter of this Hill Country wine industry.

As an indicator of how rapidly the wine and grape economy is growing, over half of the businesses in neighboring Gillespie County in this sector did not even exist 10 years ago. Importantly, almost one-third of the wineries in the County have been in business less than a year, or have not yet started operations.

  • Production
  • Employment
  • Economic impacts
The sheer volume of wine visitors driving through the center of Johnson City year round makes it an great selection for business start-up and relocation's.

The wine industry today is a rapidly expanding and ecclectic mix of wineries, independent vineyards, winery-owned tasting rooms, independent tasting rooms, custom and boutique wineries, wine-centric restaurants, a wide range of wine related special events venues,and other supplier and ancillary businesses that cater to the wine industry and wine visitor needs.

NPS Visitors 

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park may be arranged differently than other parks you have visited. This park has two distinct visitor areas separated by 14 miles.
In Johnson City you will find•
 The National Park Visitor Center where park rangers are happy to help you plan your visit
• The Boyhood Home in which President Johnson spent his childhood
• The Johnson Settlement where the President’s grandparents first settled in the 1860s

The LBJ Ranch is located 14 miles west of Johnson City near Stonewall, Texas.
A second visitor center, operated by LBJ State Park and Historic Site, is located near the Ranch. In order to see the LBJ Ranch, visitors obtain a free driving permit at the LBJ State Park and Historic Site Visitor Center.

The contribution of NPS visitor spending to the national economy can be estimated by applying the spending totals to multipliers for the national economy. This circulates spending that occurs within gateway regions around national parks within the broader national economy, capturing impacts on sectors that manufacture goods purchased by park visitors and additional secondary effects. 
The estimates do not include spending by park visitors at home for durable goods such as camping, hunting and fishing equipment, recreation vehicles, boats, and other goods used on trips to the national parks. The estimates also exclude airfares and other en route spending that occurs more than 60 miles from the park. Since many long-distance trips involve multiple purposes and often visits to multiple parks, it is difficult to capture these expenses without double counting or attributing spending not directly related to a national park visit. 

With the above exclusions, the contribution of visitor spending to the national economy is 258,400 jobs, $9.81 billion in labor income, and $16.62 billion in value added. 

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park  
  • 2010 Recreation Visits - 112,680
  • 2010 Overnight Stays - 0
  • All Visitors - $7,286,000
  • Non Local Visitors  - $6,782,000
  • Jobs - 93
  • Labor Income  - $2,911,000
  • Added Value - $4,811,000

Natural Economic Assets 

Pedernales Falls State Park
Wilderness is the star attraction at Pedernales Falls State Park. A river with rocky limestone falls, hiking trails, remote campsites with RV hook-ups for the comfort-minded and bird watching opportunities are among the assets of the park.
Just 6 miles from Johnson City, Pedernales Falls State Park hosts an average of 100,000 to 200,000 visitors each year. June is generally the busiest month, according to Park Superintendent Bill McDaniel.

The park’s natural beauty and proximity to tourist destinations like Lyndon B. Johnson National and State Historic Sites in Johnson City; Fredericksburg, a popular tourist attraction; Blanco and Guadalupe River State Parks; and Enchanted Rock State Natural Area make this Hill Country retreat a popular stop for nature lovers.

Bird watching is the fastest growing outdoor hobby in the nation. Did you know there are 150 different bird species spotted at Pedernales Falls State Park?