When communities come together, much work can be accomplished. We have seen proof of that.  A vibrant community is one in which citizens come together for the purpose of improving their town in order to make it a better place to live. Serving on boards and commissions is just a small part of volunteerism. Improving parks, cleaning our creek, planting gardens, planning for community gardens or festivals are also a huge part of what makes a community a wonderful place to live or visit. As Mayor, I can only think of a limited number of volunteer opportunities, but with your help, I know we can figure out ways to make Johnson City the best Hill Country town to live in and visit. Any and all thoughts are welcome! Email us with any ideas you may have. Or call (830) 868-7111.

Past Projects Include:


For the past year and a half, Bill Arbon has been busy working very hard to organize volunteers to clean up and replant a portion of Johnson City's Town Creek. He, along with many intrepid volunteers, have spent hours making sure that our creek returns back to its natural state without any invasive species keeping cypress trees and other natives from flourishing.

Through donations, the group bought 40 cypress trees last fall from the Texas Forest Service. All of the two and three week old saplings obtained by Mr. Arbon have been planted along the shores of Town Creek with the help of volunteers. Five trees were given to the Science Mill to be planted by their landscaping efforts upstream of US 290. Mr. Arbon thanks the following citizens and friends for their help with the project: Hope Phillips, Mayor Dawn Capra, Councilwoman Rhonda Stell, Richard and Cindy Roberge, John Watson (and Erin), Elaine Lockhart, Julie Nolte, and Wayne and Michelle Pittman all of whom either funded the tree purchase and or helped plant them. The fruits of their labor should be apparent when the trees bloom within the next few months.


I want to send out my sincerest thanks to the folks at Home Depot who volunteered to fix up our concession stand. They did a professional job and even painted an eagle on the the side of the building. A 220 and 110 plug will be added so that we can plug in the stove and hot water heater and two outside lights will be mounted (Thanks Chris Liesmann!). Hopefully, the ground will be dry enough for the concrete to finally be poured (Thanks Pete Mancha!) I also want to thank Lowes for providing water, cups and paper plates for the great pizza provided by Pecan Street. All in all, the project was successful because the community came together to make it happen. (Thanks Adult Softball League, Anthony Capra and Colin Pore!)