Emergency Management

Emergency mgmt

Blanco County, as well as local churches, provide shelter during times of emergency. Currently, neither the City nor the county have a permanent shelter location, but as an emergency situation develops, the information will be disseminated via radio, television, the City website and Facebook. The First United Methodist Church is licensed as a shelter provider, but other local churches can provide assistance as well.

Todd Kneese is the Emergency Management Director for the City of Johnson City. The City has an Emergency Operations Center in City Hall equipped with a television, two-way radios and a generator. In this way, City personnel can be dispatched quickly to areas affected by extreme weather, fire or any other type of disaster. 

To ensure that specific things happen so that our citizens maintain water and sewer service during a disaster that causes a long term power outage, the City intends to make both the water plants and the lift stations ready for generators. The City also plans on purchasing two portable generators of at least 50 KW each. Plus, double throw disconnects and quick couplings are going to be installed on our five lift stations and two water plants. This will allow quick and safe connection and disconnection of the generator to the controls.

Additionally, two large chain saws are to be purchased to clear debris from streets in order to allow quicker access to distressed people/areas for ambulances, police and fire trucks.

Loss of Power
Should we lose power, the City will post on our website and add a blurb on our bills asking residents to use as little water as possible to maintain volume and pressure. This is very important because it allows us to get equipment in place and operating without losing water pressure to a point that a “Boil Water Notice” is required.  .

Fire Safety

For fire safety, the City routinely inspects the blue reflective markers that are currently on the streets next to each fire hydrant to make sure that they are visible. If necessary, we replace the markers. These markers help firefighters locate the hydrants in the dark.

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